Unit 6 Customer Service Discussion Board information communicating through body language

2 sales people background on the subject matter is

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2. Sales people background on the subject matter is also good. They need to know the details of the sales information report in order to improve their sales. 3. Customers vary when it comes to age, occupation, income, education and interests. However, they are going to be concerned with how the product or service in the sales information report is doing in the market. More sales means that the product must be good and worth giving a try. They would also want to know the strengths and the weaknesses of the product which affects the results of the sales report. The biases and the sensitivities of the customers must also be considered as there might be customers who have problems with the product or favor other similar products and so they might open up during the report. In this case, the speaker must be ready to answer all the questions that are going to be asked. Also to be considered are the technical abilities of the customers, are they familiar with the method of presentation? What about their language skills? Will my preferred language during the presentation be applicable to them? Consider also the cultural customs and traditions during the reporting and any adjustments that can be done about them. b. What communication channels would be appropriate and why? The basic communication process involves the sender who puts a message in words and transmits it to a receiver who interprets the message. The communication channel is the medium that the sender chooses to transmit the message. There are many different types of communication channels and they are ranked along a continuum of richness, where those considered as highly rich channels are those that handle multiple inherent cues simultaneously such as those using several senses,
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nonverbal cues and feedback. A face-to-face or in-person meeting is considered extremely rich. The following communication channels are going to be good for the in-person meeting on sales information: 1. Face-to-face meetings are considered the best because complete use of all senses and continuous feed back are allowed. Whenever there are non routine business activities such as analyzing markets and business strategy, planning new products, negotiating issues, and solving or resolving problems, meetings are the most effective channel of communication. Face-to-face meetings also provide a synergistic effect that always improves the outcome of the actions of the team or organization. The collaboration efforts are often worth the time and expense of using this kind of channel. 2. E-mail messages deliver the information fast and efficiently. It is good to be used primarily in routine contexts such as sending a memorandum to inform the managers, sales people, and the customers of the meeting that is going to be held for the sales info presentation. 3. Telephone conversation is a somewhat richer channel as it allows for immediate feedback and
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Unit 6 Customer Service Discussion Board information communicating through body language

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