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Project Lab Introduction and Procedure

You actually collected actual yield and you can plug

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you actually collected (actual yield) and you can plug the number into the following equation: Percentage Yield = Mass of Actual Yield x 100% Mass of Theoretical Yield By following this steps and using the equation, you will be able to see how close you are to the actual yield and determine if any and/or what problems occurred during the experiment (2012). Another major component to this experiment is the ability to calculate the empirical formula after receiving the percentages of each element. An empirical formula is the simplest formula for a compound. It is calculated by taking the elemental composition data (assuming there is 100 grams of the compound) which causes the percentages to be equivalent to the mass of each element. Then, convert each mass into moles using the corresponding atomic weight of each element and divide the moles of each element by the smallest number of moles to find the ratio for the formula (Ladon, 2001).
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Procedure: Part A. The experiment was started by accurately weighing 0.6 grams of FeCl*6H 2 O and mixing it with 10 mL of ethanol in a 100 mL beaker. After a stir bar was placed into the mixture, the beaker was set on a hot plate, which was set to 100 degrees Celsius. The mixture was stirred moderately, allowing the solid to dissolve. After it was
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you actually collected actual yield and you can plug the...

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