Many Facebook users share photos news and likes which give advertisers more

Many facebook users share photos news and likes which

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Many Facebook users share photos, news, and “likes” which give advertisers more insights on what customers want. Google knows what customers are searching for when they go on the Internet also giving advertisers insight about what customers want. Most advertisers pay only if ads deliver. Most websites use a pay-per-click advertising model, where advertisers pay only when a customer clicks on the ad and links to the advertiser’s website. Some ads know where customers have been on the web. Behavioral targeting delivers ads to consumers based on where they have been on the 18
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web. So if you happened to look at a red shirt at Lands End, you may find that same shirt in ads as you visit other websites. Big data and social targeting . These result in delivery of ads to consumers based on the conversations and behaviors they exhibit in social media and ,more generally, surfing the web. By “crunching the numbers” of large data sets, companies can track consumers’ behavior, and respond accordingly. Banner ads . Banner ads are a type of online advertising that places an ad on a web page —often across the top or to the side of the page’s primary content. Location based services. The GPS chip located in a smartphone or tablet has the ability to tell advertisers where a customer is located. This works best for location-based activities. 18
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