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Detailed information about each pension plans

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Detailed information about each pension plan’s fiduciary net position is available in the separately issued New Jersey Division of Pension and Benefits financial report. Information on where to obtain the report is indicated at the beginning of this note. Note 9: STATE POST-RETIREMENT MEDICAL BENEFITS P.L. 1987, c.384 of P.L. 1990, c.6 required Teachers’ Pensions and Annuity Fund (“TPAF”) and the Public Employees’ Retirement System (“PERS”), respectively, to fund post-retirement medical benefits for those State employees who retire after accumulating 25 years of credited service or on a disability retirement. P.L. 2007, c.103 amended the law to eliminate the funding of postemployment medical benefits through the TPAF and PERS. It created separate funds outside of the pension plans for the funding and payment of postemployment medical benefits for retired State employees and retired educational employees. As of June 30, 2014, there were 103,432 retirees receiving postemployment medical benefits, and the State contributed $1.04 billion on their behalf. The cost of these benefits is funded through contributions by the State in accordance with P.L. 1994, c.62. Funding of post- retirement medical premiums changed from a pre-funding basis to a pay-as-you-go basis beginning in fiscal year 1994. The State is also responsible for the cost attributable to P.L. 1992 c.126, which provides free health benefits to members of PERS and the Alternate Benefit Program who retire from a board of education or county college with 25 years of service. The State paid $165.8 million toward Chapter 126 benefits for 18,122 eligible retired members in fiscal year 2014. Note 10: ON-BEHALF PAYMENTS For the fiscal year ended June 30, 2015, the School District has recognized as revenues and expenditures on-behalf payments made by the State for normal costs and post-retirement medical costs related to TPAF. The amounts recognized as revenues and expenditures for normal costs and post- retirement medical costs were $6,141,451.00 and $9,749,557.00, respectively. 70
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