9:14:12 The Enlightenment, Candide, 18th Century

Important part of the enlightenment obsession with

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important part of the Enlightenment (obsession with order & natural laws) – if everyone followed these rules, they would be free to express their mind – based Salons : almost exclusively in France; women usu excluded from talks; happened in the home of an aristocratic noblewoman; salons meet on a regular schedule & lunch – based convos on letters – compilation of encyclopedias; must be invited by woman; rule of polite conversation enforced by women who hosted them; women seemed like governors of unruly discourse – hosts would mediate rather than participate in convos In France, politeness replaced chivalry / military prowess Voltaire : philosopher; lived 1694- 1778 ; troublemaker; got in trouble for what he wrote about Louis XIV & Duke – imprisoned; eventually offended a noblewoman – man’s family issued a lettre de cachet : seen as abuses of the old regime where king would sign & person would be arrested without trial – Voltaire exiled to England Wrote Candide in 1759; eventually wrote a philosophical dictionary – criticism against French political institutions, the Bible, and the Catholic Church – defined the ideal of religion; after published, it was banished Candide lampooning old regime; Voltaire is especially criticizing violence b/t religious groups, countries, races, optimism, greed, the nobility, the Catholic
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important part of the Enlightenment obsession with order...

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