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E-55, Exam 1-2009: Name Page 9 of 9 31. (8 points) Fertilization is a multi-step, complex series of events that accomplish proper gamete joining. A. Provide the sequence (start to finish) for the following fertilization events in the sea urchin: 1. Activation of egg metabolism, including macromolecular synthesis 2. Acrosome reaction 3. Fusion of cortical granules with plasma membrane of the oocyte 4. DNA replication in the zygote 5. Sperm contacts the oocyte plasma membrane 6. Sperm binds jelly coat 7. Sperm binds vitelline envelope Sequence__________________________ B. Your lab is testing a collection of phospholipase C inhibitors. At which step(s) (1-7) listed above would you expect these inhibitors to affect fertilization, and explain why. What would be the outcome of injecting this inhibitor into a sea urchin egg? C. Due to funding troubles in your laboratory, you are not able to use chemical indicators to monitor the outcome of your phospholipase C inhibitors. Name and briefly describe what feature you could look for under an ordinary compound light microscope that would let you assess whether eggs treated with your drug behave as expected in the presence of sperm.
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