No i will not think like that he is innocent until

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“No! I will not think like that. He is innocent until proven guilty. He has a right to due process just like everyone else. Isn’t that what Democracy is all about? Regardless of my personal feelings towards this man, I must defend democracy.” Inside the house Ellen: Hi Handsome, how was your day? In a frustrated voice Tom: It was ok? Raises her left eyebrow inquisitively 3
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Ellen: That doesn’t sound good. Still frustrated Tom: I was assigned a new case today. One I hoped I wouldn’t get. Sympathetically Ellen: What is it about? With sadness in his eyes Tom: My client is accused of harming someone in ways I’d rather not discuss. Ellen: Ok, I’m sorry. Ellen glances back at Tom Ellen: You’ve had cases like this before. What is making this one so tough on you? Tom: I think my client is guilty. I can see it in his eyes. His side of the story doesn’t make sense and all the facts point straight to him. I think he is a monster and I know that I personally would feel better if he was off the streets. Ellen: Is he really that bad? Tom: Worse. Ellen: So why defend him then? If you know already he is guilty. Can you have the case assigned to someone else? 4
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No I will not think like that He is innocent until proven...

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