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However in case the actual profit of the pool is more

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pool of the Islamic Bank. However, in case the actual profit of the pool is more than ongoing rates under conventional EFS, the excess profit so received by SBP would be credited to the Takaful fund, a reserve fund to be maintained by SBP under Islamic modes for risk mitigation that would be used to meet future losses arising on implementation of IERS. Salient features of the Scheme are as under: 1. The facility is allowed only against transactions, designed on the basis of Islamic Modes of financing approved by the Shariah Advisor/Board of the concerned bank. 2. Each Islamic bank shall be under obligation to create a Musharakah pool (having a minimum of 10 companies - to be achieved in first year of operations) consisting of financing to blue chip companies on Islamic modes. The blue chip companies shall mean such companies involved in the export business or other business or both, or a manufacturing concern marketing their products in Pakistan or abroad, who have i) good track record on the stock exchange or ii) have a rating of minimum B + or equivalent by the rating agencies approved by the State Bank for rating banks in Pakistan, such rating should be acceptable to the bank as per its own lending policies, for advancing loans, or iii) companies having Return on Equity (ROE) during last three years which should be at least higher than the rates of finance prescribed by the State Bank during those years on its conventional EFS. In case of a company which is in operation for less than three years, the ROE of the available number of years shall be considered. The Islamic Bank shall ensure that companies selected for Musharakah Pool under the above criteria does not have adverse Credit Information Bureau report as also export overdues of more than one year.
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3. The State Bank will share in the overall profit (gross income less any provision created under Prudential Regulations during the period plus amount recovered against prior periods’ losses and reversal of provision) earned by the Islamic bank on the Musharaka pool under the provisions of the IERS calculated on daily product basis. 4. If, on the basis of the annual audited accounts of the Islamic Bank, the profit accruing to the SBP is more than the profit paid to the SBP on quarterly basis as per un-audited accounts of earnings of the pool, the difference shall be deposited by the Islamic bank, within 7 days of its determination, in a special non remunerative reserve fund viz. “Takaful Fund” to be maintained at the office of the SBP BSC (Bank), where the head office/country office of the concerned bank is situated. This arrangement shall remain effective for all intents and purposes for the duration of the agreement. 5. If, on the basis of the annual audited accounts of the pool, the share of the State Bank in the profit works out to be less than the amount, which has already been paid to the State Bank on provisional basis, the State Bank will refund the excess amount involved out of balance held in the Takaful Fund, if any.
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