You will write a final examination at the end of the

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You will write a final examination at the end of the semester, a 3 hour paper. Your final mark: 30 % CA and 70 % Examination Examination Admission Apart from the regulations hereunder, you should also study your COLL Yearbook 2020, which contains important information and regulations about admission to the examination. You need at least a 40% semester mark to write the examination The final mark is made up of a 30:70 ratio, 30% of your semester mark and 70% of the examnation mark with a sub-minimum of 50% in the semester examination. A final mark of at least 50% (calculated from the semester mark and examination) has to be obtained to pass the course
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TUTORIAL LETTER SEMESTER 1/2020 MATHEMATICS FOR ECONOMISTS 1A MFE511S 4 Student Notice: Please ensure that COLL has your correct cell phone number, in order to avoid delays in receiving critical information that is communicated via sms. Please ensure that you log onto Moodle regularly!! For information pertaining to your Student Support Officer, kindly consult the DE Pocket Guide on the COLL website (COLL Announcements COLL Manuals). Assignment submission dates can be found in the Distance Education Information Manual with Assignment due dates, which is available on the COLL Website (COLL Announcements COLL Manuals)
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TUTORIAL LETTER SEMESTER 1/2020 MATHEMATICS FOR ECONOMISTS 1A MFE511S 5 ASSIGNMENT 01 This assignment covers the following units/modules/topics Review of basic algebra Exponents and logarithmic functions Economic application of functions and graphs The learning outcomes for this specific assignment is: To have students reinforce their understanding of algebraic concepts to prepare them for calculus. Assignment one also aims to introduce functions and graphs and how they can be applied in Economics. Assignment instructions/requirements here Answer all the questions in both assignments Written work should be clear and legible Credit will only be given for logical and systematic presentation of solutions Correct answers without calculation steps will not attract full marks Avoid copying work from others as this may lead to nullification of assignment marks ASSIGNMENT 01 Question 1 (Review of Basic Algebra) Total Marks: 25 1.1 Determine the degree of the polynomial 2 2 3 2 3 4 6 3 2 4 2 6 9 11 4 x y x y z x yz xy z y z [2] 1.2 Simplify the expression 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 a b c a ab ac bc a ac c a ab ac bc a b c a c [6] 1.3 Solve the following indicial equation in 𝑥 : 2 2 8 1 1 1 20 20 x x [5] 1.4 Make 𝑥 the subject of 5 2 7 x [3]
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