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Utilizing socially rooted tools to collaborate among

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the patient but to the doctor’s office as well. "Utilizing socially rooted tools to collaborate among colleagues and experts (that) we might not otherwise have access to improves care and improves the speed and efficiency with which we can offer that care" (Acohido, 2012). Many Americans
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Running head: Mobile Computing and Social Networking 3 go to the doctor for a routine checkup and to be assured that they are in good health. Health issues are often found with the initial taking of vital signs. Patient can assist doctors in detecting and confronting serious health issues before they become life threatening and it is too late to manage the issue. In contrast there are some issues and concerns with using mobile devices to track and record vital health information. There is always the possibility of incorrect information being reported to the doctor’s office. In addition there is also a security issue. “Many physicians enter patient information onto their handheld devices, and then leave the hospital with unsecured patient data. What if a physician misplaces or loses his or her PDA? What happens as information is transmitted between mobile devices and back-end systems through a network or wirelessly?” (Hau, 2001). In order to use technoloy and still be in compliance with HIPPA laws “ any mobile deployment, required capabilities may include automatic log-off, unique user IDs and strong encryption technology. In addition, the successful healthcare organizes tion must also extend its disaster recovery and data backup to incorporate handheld computing.” (Hau, 2001). Furthermore, there will be gliches with devices and applications. It is also suggested that healcare proveders invest not only in mobile technolgy but security as well. One analyst suggest “Organizations must have the infrastructure and plans in place to react and protect their information assets. That can mean having the tools to block only the intruders when detected, or even shutting down the entire network until security is restored.” (Vink, 2002). There is an large amount of information being transmitted daily for many people. Overtime there will be better and improved applications to assist in the record keeping process. Advantages for doctors using mobile devices is that they are not restricted to the
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Utilizing socially rooted tools to collaborate among...

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