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In this verse i believe francis felt how those left

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Unformatted text preview: In this verse I believe Francis felt how those left to mourn might have felt or he was attempting to make them feel accepted by a higher maker. He mentions friend and foe, but only to differentiate the Blue and Gray not the human soul. For the ending of the verses, he ensures all were given proper burial traditions and waiting for the good or bad death experience (judgment day). He also ensures the reader that whether Blue or Gray, each Soldier gave the ultimate sacrifice for their purpose by using words of peaceful thoughts. 2. Identify Silbeys thesis in his chapter from Lee entitled Connecting Culture and the Battlefield. During the fall and summer of 1918 the British Expeditionary Force would undergo analysis in review of battles and encounters to reveal British and Dominion culture. Silbey would compare the Canadian Corps, the New Zealand Division, and the Australian Imperial Force and how nationalism affected their operational decisions and how operational decisions played a role in the development of nationalism. Silbey explains that militaries and wars do not simply appear, they are also not waged according to universal principles for nation to nation, people to people, or society to society. He expresses how conflict is linked to principles, beliefs, and myths of those cultures involved in war. Operations on the battlefield would shape national culture while natural culture shaped operations on the battlefield both in 1918 and afterward. His largest argument is the usefulness of modern tool used by historiography to military history. National moments: Each country established a signature event categorized as nationalism with examples as; events, people, or things seen by the population as being peculiarly representative of their mother land. Silbey, D. (n.d.). Connecting culture and the battlefield. (2011). Britain and the Empire Fight the Hundred Days , 165-181....
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