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DB Forum 5 - Wilson, Lisa

The company has a product request form which allows

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, the company has a product request form which allows customers to request product to be sold in a particular store (The Buffalo Guys, 2013). Once completed, the customer’s request is forwarded to target retailers, asking them to carry the product in its store (The Buffalo Guys, 2013). Additionally, the company offers specials direct to customers or wholesalers to entice consumers and retailers to carry its products (The Buffalo Guys, 2013). The push strategy appears to be the better choice in attempting to sell product to retailers to re-sell in their stores. Retailers need to have an inventory of quality products in order to have the ability of stocking their shelves. If a company possesses a quality product, its best bet is to contact retailers directly and offer a sales promotion to get a foot in the door.
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Push-Pull Marketing, Product Advertising, Customer-oriented Sales Promotions Product Advertising I recently received a coupon for $3.00 off the purchase of Scott toilet tissue paper. This personally appeals to me because we have a septic system in our house and can only use 1-ply toilet paper. Scott makes a soft 1-ply toilet tissue paper that we have become accustomed to. Additionally, I am the only female in our home; there are four men in our home, including the little men. As you can imagine, our family uses a great deal of toilet tissue. Scott is a less
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