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The magnitude of these violations warrants the

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Mississippi River and Soap Creek. “The magnitude of these violations warrants the magnitude of the penalty,” said EPA Region 7 Administrator Karl Brooks. “The Mississippi River is a vital waterway, used by millions of Americans for commerce, recreation, and drinking water. It is imperative that industrial facilities abide by their discharge permits to protect our valuable water resources.” (Brooks) Iowa’s department of natural resources had issued 11 notices to Rogquette for their violations. Roquette continued to disregard these notices and on 1,174 occasions and over 250,000 gallons of waste polluted the Mississippi River. Roquette will also endure 17 million dollars though their involvement in the completion of a sewer survey, implementation for sewer improvements, upgrades to the water waste treatment plants, and enhanced effluent monitoring. (Washburn, 2012) Roquette’s executives chose to make unethically decisions causing damage to the environment, employees, and America’s resources. Water Quality Standards : The act continued and expanded the previously established system of setting water quality standards by designating, and establishing limits, to protect the uses of specific bodies of water for recreation, public water supply, propagation of fish and wildlife, and agricultural and industrial water supply. (Mallor, Barnes, Bowers & Langvardt, 2013 pg. 1399)
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