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Then it will be people with terminal illnesses and

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Then it will be people with terminal illnesses, and, before long, they will be wanting to kill anyone who has become an inconvenience. Putting lt All Together: Presenting the Critique as Prose !7e might present our critique in an essay, translating the step procedure into fluid prose, as in the following: ln this argument the author is trying to show that because his opponent has not indicated his opposition to the new federal gun-control legislation, he must be in favour of it. This is an appeal to ignorance, which occurs when one party uses the other's failure to disprove something as evidence of its truth. ln this case, the author is claiming that his opponent is in favour of the federal gun-control legislation because he has not opposed it (i.e., because he has failed to disprove his opposition). ln fact, he may have said nothing about the legislation. lf he has said nothing about the legislation, then using this form of reasoning, we could conclude that he must be both in favour of it and opposed to it. In some situations, we will need to lay out all six steps for the fallacy and lead the audi- ence through the reasoning process. In others, simply providing the "Putting It All Together" summary is sufficient for showing an audience what is wrong with the argument. Most impor- tant in critiquing a fallacy is identifying it and demonstrating what is wrong with the pattern of reasoning as a pattern of reasoning in that particukn argurnent. NEL
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