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Not all socialism is marxism 2 judeo christian ideas

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Not all Socialism is Marxism 2) Judeo-Christian ideas of justice & oppression of the poor 3) Liberal Politics: supported the goals of the industrial and liberal class; all men with a certain amount of government & land were right to gov’t; supported the goals of their class; idea of all men but mostly supporting middle-class politics Early Socialists 1) French Utopian Socialists : promoted a system of greater economic equality but organized by the government; top-down approach; Charles Fourier (1772- 1837); each worker would have several jobs & would go from one job to another to avoid tedium; Phalanxes : communities on 200 acres of land with 1,500 people ( Kibbutz : community set-up where there were different jobs) They don’t talk about class struggle Factory worker or government should do something about it to provide workers with different tasks; not much meaningful political thought Socialists aren’t against Industrialization;; person was looked at as part of a whole 2) Early English Socialists Robert Owen (1771-1858); industrial center in New Lanark, adopted several methods – wanted to improve the life of his workers; at his industrial center, he built houses & schools for children; didn’t pay workers during depression rather than laying them off – eventually made a profit doing this; helped people get through depression; doesn’t take into consideration of class struggle or society at large;; he thought that if you improve people’s conditions, you will make them better in general & more efficient; felt there was no need for bad conditions or low wages in factory Chartism – “People’s Charter” wasn’t necessarily brought as a movement 1. Universal male suffrage 2. Annual elections 3. Equal electoral district 4. Abolition of property requirements for members of parliament
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10/23/12 5. Payment of members of parliament William Lovett formed the London Working Men’s Association – 1836 Early paternalistic movements
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