Creative concepts which had already garnered

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creative concepts, which had already garnered admiration throughout the LB network, and their knowledge about the product and target audience. It was decided that Davids and Lee would serve as the main links to LB’s London-based global brand team. Specifically, Davids and Lee reported to Annabel Forin, Carmichael’s account director in the United Kingdom. Forin then reported to Carmichael and OBC’s London team. Besides Forin, Carmichael’s primary contacts would be Annabelle Manning, the global creative director at LB United Kingdom, and Sarah Jones, OBC’s global vice-president of skin care in London. All work produced by LB’s satellite teams would require approval from LB’s London team. The Creative Assignments The creative assignments for the Canadian and Taiwanese teams were slightly different from each other. Normally, the global team would produce a creative template for a brand (meaning the design of the advertising and communications materials), which would then be passed to the satellite teams to be adapted for the local market. In the Taiwanese market, this would be the case. The Taiwanese LB team would be responsible for adapting the advertising materials, which would include re-filming the television ad to star an Asian actress, as well as retaking photos for the print ads, again, to demonstrate product benefits on Asian skin. The brand message (meaning the text in print ads and the vocal message in television ads) would be adapted to appeal to the Taiwanese audience. In Toronto, however, the assignment broke from this traditional format. The LB team in London would produce English television and print advertising, which would be used in the Canadian market. The LB team in Toronto would design and produce the direct marketing and website materials because the London office did not have strong in-house capabilities in these areas. While the Toronto office would have control of the design of these communication pieces, the U.K. office would require that certain elements be incorporated into the design (for example, specific photos and colors), in order for the pieces to be visually consistent with the print advertising. Authorized for use only in the course Tean Dynamics at University of Ottawa taught by Francois Durand from Apr 20, 2020 to May 01, 2020. Use outside these parameters is a copyright violation.