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The number of regional parliaments in france

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The number of regional parliaments in France increased, bringing justice to the reaches of the realm; also rise of royal courts Europeans began to identify themselves as a citizen of a nation and a distinction from other nations (English vs. French) Expansion of taxation occurred; caused suffering and a sense of greed; gathered momentum later All the warfare and taxation starts resistance population decline (mainly from indirect effects of war – disruption of agriculture and spread of disease) led to world revolt; Palermo (city in Sicily) revolted when the size of bread reduced First half of 17 th century, resistance theory , not specified when people would resist
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Modern European History 9/4/12 9/ Huguenot & Dutch protestants who accepted the Divine Right of Kings but argued if the king argued the divine law, he could be punished – but they limited resistance to other ordained magistrates John Milton stated that the king, in his poor nation, oath promised to obey the law of the land (people) – if either side failed (in contract the English ), he breaks this oath France, Fronde Cardinal Mazarin : Louis XIV; ’s mother’s advisor; things aimed at him; nobles demanded removal of taxes & more action by government Louis XIII dies after a long reign; XIV was a child at the time (Anabostria) The nobles are targeting the advisors; wanted Mazarin gone; leaders couldn’t make any concrete proposals to accomplish this; outcome was XIV was declared old enough to rule (w/o mother and Mazarin); was welcomed to Paris as a savior English Civil War: economic & political difficulties (mid-17 th century); English monarchy sold off lands confiscated from churches to avoid crisis; problem –
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