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Crimes burglary larceny theft auto theft and arson

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crimes (burglary, larceny-theft, auto theft, and arson) - The clearance rate is the number of crimes solved expressed as a percentage of the total number of crimes reported to the police - Police do not know about all criminal incidents because many crimes are not reported - Police may manipulate data to show a lower crime rate - The most frequent reason for not reporting these crimes was that they were considered a person or private matter - The one-operation, one-crime rule is followed in the U.S. - The National Incident-Based Reporting System categorizes crimes and collects data according to numerous elements [alcohol and other drug influence, specified location of the crime, type of criminal activity involved, type of weapon used, type of victim, relationship of victim to offender, residency of victim and arrestee] - The major source of victimization data is the National Crime Victimization Survey (NCVS) , which comes from the BJS; based on the results of interviews conducted each 6 months with persons age 12 and older in about 50,000 households - A way to measure crime is to survey people about their own criminal activity, resulting in the collection of self-report data (SRD) - The use of self-report research reveals that many people who have not been arrested for criminal or delinquent behavior report anonymously that they have engaged in such
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crimes burglary larceny theft auto theft and arson The...

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