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a-105 study guide 1

T 1 = 3000 k t 2 = 12 000 k 28 the wavelength of peak

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Unformatted text preview: T 1 = 3000 K , T 2 = 12 , 000 K 28. The wavelength of peak emission of the Sun is approximately 500 nm and the surface temperature of the sun is approximately 6000 K. Use this information to find the wavelength of peak emission for a star that has a surface temperature of 3000 K. 29. What is a spectrum? Why are spectra useful to astronomers? 30. What is a spectral line? Describe the difference between emission and absorption lines. 31. Describe the situations in which the following types of spectrum are produced: (1) continuous spectra, (2) emission-line spectra, and (3) absorption-line spectra. Give examples of objects that produce each of these types of spectra. A105, Prof. Cohn, First Semester 2012-13 3 32. What is the relation between the size of an electron orbit in an atom and the energy of the orbit? 33. What causes photons to be emitted and absorbed by atoms? 34. How does the visible series of spectral lines of hydrogen (the Balmer series) arise? What are the wavelengths and colors of the first three lines in the Balmer series? 35. What is an absorption-line spectrum? 36. What is an emission-line spectrum? 37. What is the Doppler effect? 38. Suppose that an astronomical object emits light with a rest wavelength of λ rest = 400 nm that is observed to have a wavelength of λ obs = 360 nm What is the speed of the object and in what direction is it moving?...
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T 1 = 3000 K T 2 = 12 000 K 28 The wavelength of peak...

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