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Question 516 when arranging instruments in an

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Question:516When arranging instruments in an instrument tray, you shouldA. Position the instruments in a manner that will facilitate sterilizationB. Arange the instruments in alphabetical orderC. Arrange the instruments in the order of their useAnswer:AQuestion:517
The process by which unwrapped instruments are steam sterilized for immediateuse when an emergency situation arises, is called:
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Implantable devices:
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Question:519Ethylene oxide has better penetration capabilities than ozone and hydrogenperoxide gas plasma.
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Question:520In the event of a load recall, information about specific load contents can beobtained from:A. The central service supervisorB. The procedure manualC. The sterilization logAnswer:C
Question:521The most efficient type of dry heat sterilizer is
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Question:522Because shelf life is event related, stock rotation is no longer necessary.
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Question:523Temperatures in a sterile storage area should be 64 to 75 degrees F.
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Question:524Sterile packages should be stored no lower than 4-6 inches from the floor.A. TrueB. FalseAnswer:B
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