docker run it v homedemomyvolmyvol centos1 cents docker run it v myvol2 centos2

Docker run it v homedemomyvolmyvol centos1 cents

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docker run -it -v /home/demo/myvol:/myvol centos1 cents docker run -it -v /myvol2 centos2 busybox (Volume Container) (cd /var/lib/docker/<containerID>/_data docker run -it -v volumes-from centos2 name centos3 centos 51
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Exercise Volumes docker run -it -v data:/myvol tomcat:7 docker run -d -v ~/practice/shared:/myvol tomcat:7 docker volume ls Volumes-from docker run -it name master -v backup:/backup -v logs:/logs ubuntu bash exec in this container,and create test files in logs and backup docker run -it name slave1 volumes-from masterubuntu bash docker inspect <volumename> 52
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