Problem 3 feedback stabilization consider a system

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Problem 3: Feedback stabilization: Consider a system with input ?(?) and output ?(?) and system transfer function ?(?) = 2 ?−𝑎 , where 𝑎 > 0 is a constant. Clearly, this system is not BIBO stable due to pole on the right hand side of the s-plane. A negative feedback with gain 𝐾 can be used to stabilize this system as shown in the Fig. 1. a) Find the transfer function ?(?) of the system with feedback. b) Find the range of values of 𝐾 for which the feedback system becomes stable. EE 102: Systems and Signals Winter 2018 Homework #5 due in class by end of the lecture on February 22 Instructor: Prof. Danijela Cabric *Write discussion section on homework
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