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Marketing Final

Public policy market skimming pricing high initial

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Public policy Market-skimming pricing (high initial price - textbooks) vs. market-penetration pricing (low initial price – McDonald’s) Product Mix Pricing Strategies:
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December 8, 2011 - Product line pricing - Optional-product pricing - Captive-product pricing - By-product pricing - D >> Ch. 12 / Marketing Channels: Delivering Customer Value - Supply chains and value delivery network - The nature and importance of marketing channels - Channel behavior - Channel design decisions - channel management decisions - Marketing logistics and supply chain management Upstream partner : raw materials Downstream partner : marketing channels, distribution channels Supply chain : make and sell Demand chain : sense and respond Value delivery network : all the distributors Intermediaries : buying the access and market it up How Channel Members Add Value (2 charts) Number of Channel Levels >> Ch. 13 / Retailing and Wholesaling Retailing : all activities to sell the product to the consumer for non-business use Major Store Retailer Types Types of retailers: amount of service, self-service, limited service, full service
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Public policy Market skimming pricing high initial price...

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