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In war and peace we recognize the intrinsic dignity

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In war and peace, we recognize the intrinsic dignity and worth of all people, treating them with respect. 2-18. As stated in the Declaration of Independence, the human rights to life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness are inalienable and universal. Accordingly, we treat all people with respect, recognizing their intrinsic dignity and worth, demonstrating consideration for all. Even those who threaten the rights of others are entitled to just treatment according to law, regulations, and rules of engagement. We lead by example and do what is right to prevent abusive treatment of others. We protect those who are threatened or suffer disregard for their inherent dignity and worth. We do not tolerate mistreatment of people or their property. We lead by example and demonstrate courage by doing what is right despite risk, uncertainty, and fear; we candidly express our professional judgment to subordinates, peers, and superiors. 2-19. Leadership demands courage. Our mission, our duty, and life itself require we reject cowardice we accept risk, overcome adversity, and face our fears. Our desired outcome, regardless of our best efforts in making decisions, planning, and leading, is not assured. We realize that we may be harmed in performing our duty and accomplishing the mission. The harm we fear may be physical, emotional, or spiritual. To carry on requires courage, an attribute of our character and an Army Value. We communicate with candor and tact, seeking shared understanding and demonstrating courage by doing what is right despite risk, uncertainty, and fear. A decision and action is right if it is ethical (consistent with the moral principles of the Army Ethic), effective (likely to accomplish its purpose, accepts prudent risk), and efficient (makes disciplined use of resources).
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