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A1 according to donatelife america an average of 20

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A.1. According to Donatelife America, an average of 20 people die every day because of the lack of organs for a transplant, that is 7,300 people every single year in the U.S. And these numbers are continually increasing not just early, but monthly. A.2. Every 11 minutes there is another person added to the waiting list for some sort of transplant in America. (Donatelife America), and each month there is an increase of about 300 people who are added to the waiting list, according to the Mayo Clinic. A.3. One donor can make a huge difference; yourself alone can save up to 8 lives and aid up 50 people by donating your organs once you have passed away. (Medline Plus). The fact that we are all capable of changing this around but just don’t, blows my mind. Just a few brief moments and you can impact the future of children, teens, adults etc.
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Transition: Now that we have come to terms with some of the unfortunate statistics of Organ donation, let’s now take a look at the major problem. B. It is pretty apparent that the major problem is the lack of organ donation, many people have the capability to donate organs and save many lives, but just don’t. We have the cure for the lack of transplants right in the palm of our hands, so why don’t we take advantage of it and do all that we can to save lives? B.1. Many people believe myths that come along with organ donation and that’s what is stopping them from registering. Some people think that if you donate organs then your body will become disfigured and therefore you cannot have an open casket, this is not true, your body will look exactly the same as it did before. B.2.
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A1 According to Donatelife America an average of 20 people...

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