Procedure using the site access the site by either

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Procedure Using the Site Access the site by either clicking on the link: or by following: Once your application has started, click “Reset All”. Make sure that only the “ Show all charges ” and “ Wall ” buttons are selected. Part 1 – One Balloon and Sweater 1. Look at the balloon. What can you say about its overall charge? (Hint: count both types of charges) 2. Click and drag the balloon and rub it against the sweater. Describe and sketch what happens to the balloon? 3. How did the balloon get charged, with what type of charge? What process gave the balloon this charge? 4. What happened to the sweater? How did it get charged? Sketch what the sweater looks like.
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16 | P a g e 5. Bring the balloon in the middle, between the sweater and the wall. What happens to the balloon when you let it go? Explain why. Sketch the sweater, balloon and wall (sketch the charges on each and the direction the balloon moves) Part 2 – One Balloon and Wall 6. What is the overall charge of the wall? 7. Predict what you think will happen when the balloon is brought close to the wall? 8. Bring the balloon in contact with the wall. What happens to the charges in the wall? Explain and sketch this process. 9. Let go of the balloon. What happens? Explain why. Part 3 – Two Balloons 10. Click the “ Reset All ” button. Select “ Show all charges ”, “ Wall ” and “ Two balloons ”. What can you tell about the overall charge of all the objects in your simulation window? 11. Select “ Show charge differences ”. Rub each balloon against the sweater. What happens to each one of them? Sketch this. 12. Why are the two balloons stuck on the sweater? 13. Try to get one balloon off the sweater by using the other balloon. Can you do it? If yes, explain why this is possible. Questions Based on your observations, attempt to explain why you sometimes see flashes of light when removing a fleece jacket in a dark room.
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