shouldnt allow fear of failure to inhibit you \u59a8\u788d\u963b\u788d clog cramp encumber fetter

Shouldnt allow fear of failure to inhibit you

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shouldn't allow fear of failure to inhibit you. > 妨碍,阻碍 clog, cramp, encumber, fetter, handcuff, handicap, hamper, hobble, impede, inhibit, interfere (with), manacle, obstruct, shackle, stymie, trammel WE WE 陈琦 GRE 团队 80313 频道
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WE WE 陈琦 GRE 团队 80313 频道 It was not only the____ of geologists that____ earlier development of the revolutionary idea that the Earth's continents were moving plates; classical physicists, who could not then explain the mechanism, had declared continental movement impossible. (A) indecisiveness.. challenged (B) radicalism.. deterred (C) conservatism.. hindered (D) assumptions.. hastened (E) resistance.. mandated hinder & inhibit
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confine & circumscribe confine : to shut or keep in, especially to imprison; to keep within limits <The thief was confined in a prison.> circumscribe : to limit narrowly; to surround by or as if by a boundary <Teammates circumscribed his enthusiasm so as not to make the losing side feel worse.> 限制 limit, cap, delimit, restrict, cap, circumscribe, confine, hold down WE WE 陈琦 GRE 团队 80313 频道
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confine & circumscribe WE WE 陈琦 GRE 团队 80313 频道 The residents of the town lived _____ lives; no one indulged in wild or ____ behavior. Blank (i) Blank (ii) A. rambunctious D. scrupulous B. extravagant E. impulsive C. circumscribed F. excessive
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WE WE 陈琦 GRE 团队 80313 频道 The range of colors that homeowners could use on the exterior of their houses was _____ by the community`s stringent rules regarding upkeep of property. A. circumscribed B. bolstered C. embellished D. restricted E. insinuated F. cultivated confine & circumscribe
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familiar & recognizable recognizable If something can be easily recognized or identified , you can say that it is easily recognizable . <This tree is always recognizable by its extremely beautiful silvery bark.> 可辨认的,可认出的 perceptible, distinguishable, appreciable WE WE 陈琦 GRE 团队 80313 频道
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familiar & recognizable Some deep sea creatures discovered by marine biologist seem to _____ the imagination, so great is the _____ between these creatures and the more familiar marine organisms found in the shallower waters. Blank (i) Blank (ii) A. defy D. enmity B. electrify E. disparity C. elucidate F. collusion WE WE 陈琦 GRE 团队 80313 频道
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familiar & recognizable Because it has no distinct and recognizable typographical form and few recurring narrative conventions, the novel is of all literary genres, the least susceptible to _____. A misuse B imprecision C inquiry D definition E innovation WE WE 陈琦 GRE 团队 80313 频道
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