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Be sure that you can recognize the word elements of

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. Be sure that you can recognize the word elements of the terms in the Study Table . 2. You are responsible for the written material under each section of the text iv. Medical History 1. Aristotle’s views on the heart, respiration, and language. 2. William Harvey’s and Galen’s conceptualizations of the cardiovascular system 3. Invention of the stethoscope 4. Herophilus and the pulse. 5. Vaccinations and immunizations. II. What you don’t need to know for the quiz . a. As before, there will be no visual identification questions. b. You do not need to know the Abbreviation Tables or table 9-1 c. The quiz is over The Cardiovascular System, The Lymphatic System and Immunity and The Respiratory System. That said, the basic word elements (i.e. suffixes, prefixes, and combining forms) which you learned for the previous quiz are relevant to these chapters.
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