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Nonprotein Nitrogen Compounds Objectives

Inflammation measured to asses inherited disorders of

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inflammation; measured to asses inherited disorders of purine metabolism, to confirm diagnosis and monitor trx of gout (men: 30 – 50 years of age ), to assist in the diagnosis of renal calculi, to prevent uric acid nephropathy during chemotherapeutic trx (metabolism of cell nuclei ), and to detect kidney dysfunction (renal disease ); Decreased: Liver disease, Fanconi’s Syndrome – tubular reabsorption detects ; Methods : Enzymatic ; Specimen : heparinized plasma, serum, or urine – avoid lipemia – increased bilirubin falsely decreased uric acid; hemolysis falsely decreases uric acid; refrigerate Ammonia --- formed in the deamination of amino acids during protein metabolism, it is removed from the circulation and converted to urea in the liver, free ammonia is toxic; hepatic failure, Reye’s Syndrome ( occurs mostly in children, serious, can be fatal, can be preceded by a viral infection and the administration of aspirin, it’s an acute metabolic disorder of the liver, -fatty infiltration of that organ), and inherited deficiencies of urea cycle enzymes (testing should be considered for any neonate w/ unexplained nausea, vomiting, or neurological deterioration associated w. feeding); severe liver disease is the most common cause of disturbed ammonia metabolism 3. List the reference intervals for the following tests: BUN --- 6 – 20 mg/dl >80 or 100 - critical Creatinine --- 0.6 – 1.5 mg/dl >4.0 – critical Creatinine Clearance --- Males: 97 – 137 ml/minute Females: 88 – 128 ml/minute Uric Acid --- Males: 0.5 – 7.2 mg/dl Females: 2.6 – 6.0 mg/dl Ammonia --- Adult: 19 – 60 mircograms/dL Child: 68 – 136 micrograms/dL
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NONPROTEIN NITROGEN COMPOUNDS OBJECTIVES 4. Describe the principle of the following common methods for these tests: Creatinine – Jaffe Reaction --- creatinine rxs w/ sodium picrate (picric acid) to form creatinine-picrate complex, an orange yellow colored complex, which absorbs at 510 nm;
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inflammation measured to asses inherited disorders of...

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