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The item they wait on is the boxes themselves the

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will have pencils to place into boxes. The item they wait on is the boxes themselves. The boxes are printed for each customer order in the Printing Department. Apparently, there must be problems occurring between when the customer places the order and when the box is printed that delays the pencil making process. These problems were not visible while the WIP inventory levels were high. Now that the WIP inventory has been reduced, these problems are becoming visible, giving Victoria and her team the opportunity to continue to improve the process.
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Victoria realizes that she must now evaluate the business process that receives and enters customer orders and provides the Printing Department with the information needed to print boxes. She has confidence that Value Stream Mapping will help identify the problems with this paper-process. Victoria assembles a new team to evaluate the process. The team includes two members of the production staff, now familiar with Value Stream Mapping. Victoria also includes a manager from the Printing Department and Customer Service Department as well as a Customer Service Representative and the Scheduling Manager. The Ordering and Box Printing Process: The Customer Service Department receives orders from customers for each of the four products manufactured by Columbus Writing Instruments: pens, highlighters, mechanical pencils, and wooden pencils. As diagramed on the future state value stream map for wooden pencils, a customer order takes a variety of paths through the process: through the Procurement Department to purchase raw materials, through the Scheduling Department to schedule the Printing process, and through the Billing Department to prepare invoices for the customer. Victoria must select one of these process routes to map. Because the flow of boxes through the Printing Department is questionable, Victoria wisely decides to follow the flow of orders from the Customer Service Department to the Printing Department. Each of these business functions work 8 hours each day, 5 days a week. Selecting a Value Stream Before investigating this process, Victoria must determine what constitutes a product family for this value stream. From reading “Learning to See” and through participating in the first value stream mapping exercise, she learned that a value stream product family is a “group of products that pass through similar processing steps and over common equipment.” All incoming customer orders for products travel through the same processes. Customer Service handles orders for pens, highlighters, mechanical pencils, and wooden pencils similarly. Orders for each of these products are entered into the Customer Order Database. Additionally, the Printing Department prints the custom boxes for each of the four types of products manufactured by CWI. Customer orders, regardless of product type, travel through the same business processes to the box printing operation. Therefore, all these customer orders traveling from Customer Service to the box printing operation will be considered a single value stream product family, regardless of
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The item they wait on is the boxes themselves The boxes are...

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