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However in terms of leaders of a lower rank such as

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However, in terms of leaders of a lower rank such as priests, these figures are selected not through connections but rather by their ability to commit. They do not merely ask to become priests without following a process to gain a stronger understanding of the rule and what it entails. Speaking for all individuals, if one wants to become a doctor, which is a socially esteemed occupation, there is nothing that should impede a person from becoming one besides maintaining dedication to pursue it. This is the same for people who want to turn into priests and nuns. People can essentially become almost anything if the work fulfills the particular job description. Aside from this, you raise a good point with how every individual enters into the world the same way as one another, giving no reason for everyone to have an equal opportunity of reaching such high power within the church.
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Ultimately, I will say on behalf of the Assembled that we truly appreciate Luther’s concern about bringing the power back to the laypeople. Looking from a classic Catholic’s perspective, we would like to believe that we have the same perception and ability to interpret all sacred texts just as well as the pope does. With this being said, we do agree to an extent, though not to the same degree as Luther, that the pope expresses an unreasonable amount of power. However, we cannot entirely blame the pope for having so much influence, as his position is generally regarded as one of the highest rankings before God. Nonetheless, this poorly distributed power within the Roman Catholic Church is an issue that should possibly be further explained to a higher figure than myself. In essence, the Assembled and I feel as though you raise some fairly strong arguments that peak our curiosity. As a result of such strong emphasis on your understanding and justification of Luther’s beliefs, perhaps we can stimulate this discussion further on in person to debate these points. Though this does not convince us to want to overthrow the pope and counter clergymen in any way, we unquestionably perceive certain aspects of the church in a different manner. If you are interested, please
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However in terms of leaders of a lower rank such as priests...

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