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Eng 393 Audience Analysis Assignment

Article 1 is targeted towards people who are

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3. Article 1 is targeted towards people who are interested in Samsung and Apple products as well as their rivalry. The targeted audience is a more general audience who may not know a lot about the ins and outs of the mobile phone industry. The author also may be targeting people who are deciding between the two companies or considering switching from one to the other. The article’s purpose is to inform the readers about the successes of both Samsung and Apple to show that Apple is no longer the only company in the spotlight. The author seems to try to show the great aspects of Samsung’s products more so than those of Apple products to persuade readers that Samsung is actually better. Article 1 doesn’t go as deep into detail as Article 2. This leads me to believe Article 2’s target audience is people who are more familiar and knowledgeable with the mobile phone industry such as those in the Business Technology field. This article is also geared towards people interested in Samsung and Apple products, but it focuses more on the rise of Samsung. For the article’s purpose, the author may be trying to persuade users that Samsung is in some ways better than Apple and that it may takeover the mobile phone industry, as well as other products, within the next few years. 4. The content of Article 1 is simple and allows the reader to understand what the author is portraying. Within the first paragraphs, the author gives a little explanation of what Apple and Samsung are. For a person who isn’t familiar with the mobile industry, these explanations are very important so that the reader understands the main companies the article will be about. The article contains straight facts about the companies that could allow the user to decide which company they feel is better.
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While the content of Article 1 is simple, Article 2’s content is a little more complex.
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