After the World War II the superhero comics started to lose its sheen To add

After the world war ii the superhero comics started

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After the World War II the superhero comics started to lose its sheen. To add insult to wounds the whole comic book industry was shaken with the book Seduction of the Innocent being published in 1954 by Dr. Fredric Wertham, a well-known American psychologist. He came up with an argument that comics corrupts the minds of its readers, especially it influences the kids in a wrong way. This in turn led to the formation of Comics Code Authority 1954 by the publishers themselves. The Silver Age This era saw the resurgence of the superhero comics which were put on a standstill due to the outcome of Dr. Wertham’s book. It started with Showcase #4, starring The Flash. Bringing back the comic character of The Flash brought superheroes back into play, and changed the comic industry to this day. This age certainly belongs to Marvel Comics as they kept on experimenting by coming up with new superheroes. The most popular superhero that Marvel produced is the Spiderman, who is a youth to whom the children can relate to. He was a geek at his school that accidentally gets bitten by a spider which turns him to a superhero who exhibits the power of a spider. Stan Lee and Jack Kirby were the writers who played a main role in Marvel’s unanimous success in this era. X-men created by Marvel Comics, is the best among superhero teams. Marvel also was the first comics to introduce a first black superhero named the Black Panther in Fantastic Four . 248
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