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I do not like conflict within a group which is why i

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I do not like conflict within a group, which is why I wanted to ensure that I had them all to like or at least respect me. From this, my group and I are able to grow much closer on a personal level and work together very efficiently, utilizing each other’s strengths to best complete our assignments.
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2 In order for me to fully express my leadership, I work by creating interest. I like to engage with others and get to know people better prior to just making judgments out of nowhere, since there is no established trust. I also enjoy people’s company, which some can see as unintentional networking. By creating these relationships with others, I have a foundation to work off of, if I end up being paired or grouped with them. Without this establishment, many can argue that I personally lack participation. This is not because I do not like them, but instead I may be timid and uncomfortable around them. It takes time for the development of these relationships to be established in order for me to open up around others. Part of my leadership style is also consensus, since I care about what others think and how they feel. This can refer back to engaged leadership. I tend to personally link and build connections with people I end up working with to make the workplace easier. I enjoy creating these personal relations with others in order to get the best and the most out of them. I am not a part of a team to solely fulfill an objective but also to create potential friendships. With the leadership evaluation, there were several characteristics that stood out to me. Many of my evaluators agreed that I am able to maintain focus on the task at hand, although they also agreed that I have a tendency to overanalyze things, which I agree is true. Since I am risk averse, I have a fear of diverting away from directions of a task. If my group chooses to do this, this will make me worried and fearful of us potentially losing credit. I tend to care too much about the little things, which sometimes happens to impede my productivity. When I am working on something, I remain in that focused mindset, so I understand when people may find me serious. With that being said, my conscientious score was rated very high as well, expressing my meticulousness. Also, it was evident based off of the survey that I am not assertive. I find this very true to an extent, because I tend to come off as a timid person, especially in big groups. By remaining active on campus and participating in many leadership activities, I have really been putting a lot of effort into breaking out of my comfort zone. I want to be able to be less afraid and more courageous, which was actually scored very low on my VIA Assessment. People rated me as an agreeable person, which is good to know seeing as I try putting a lot of effort into having people like me. On my evaluations for opportunities to interact and work together with others, to create aesthetic beauty, and to be creative, I had above-average scores. I like working with others and being exposed to social interaction, knowing that I always have people there whenever I need help.
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