Who moved my cheese Bobbie Briggs

That university i was accepted there i knew the

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that university, I was accepted there, I knew the layout of the school like the back of my hand due to countless visits with my mom, and I already knew the faculty within the agriculture department. In my mind, I had found my cheese and was comfortable with it. All of a sudden, my plans were about to be disrupted due to a factor that boggles most students: tuition. I couldn’t afford to go to Purdue and the scholarship I received was not enough to cover tuition let alone all the other expenses of college. Fortunately, I received a full tuition scholarship to the University of Wisconsin-Madison through the Posse Foundation. You would think I would be ecstatic about the fact that I would still be
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attending a prestigious university with my tuition covered, but I was devastated. I felt like my dreams were crushed and that I would hate attending any university other than Purdue. I constantly bugged Purdue to see if there were any other scholarships, but there was nothing more I could receive. I was sad for while until I realized how much of a baby I had been. I began to think about how blessed I was to gain such a scholarship and to still attend a Big Ten school. I stopped my whining and started researching and visiting the University of Wisconsin and my attitude completely changed. I am so happy that I
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that university I was accepted there I knew the layout of...

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