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3 insert your inoculating loop into the top of the

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3. Insert your Inoculating Loop into the Top of the Darker Blue Inner Flame of your Bunsen Burner. You want to start at the Hilt (Handle) End. You start at the Hilt End and work toward the Loop End so any Liquid on your Loop -- which almost certainly contains Bacteria -- will evaporate rather than Spatter. 4. Starting at the Hilt End, heat the Wire until it is Space Heater Orange Hot. Sorry, it won ʼ t get any Hotter than Orange Hot (~1100°C), regardless of how long you hold it in the Blue Portion of the Bunsen Burner. The Blue Color of your Bunsen Burner Flame is the Result of the Ionization of Gas Molecules (which is how Neon Signs work). The Orange Color of your glowing Loop is the Result of Incandescence (which is how Incandescent Light Bulbs work). 5. Gradually move your Loop through the Flame until the Loop End is Orange Hot. Your Loop is now Sterile. Don ʼ t let it touch anything or it will no longer be Sterile. A Loop remains very Hot after losing its Orange-Red Glow, so always pick up your Loop by the Handle. And don ʼ t gesture with your Loop while you ʼ re Talking. More than one Lab Partner has been Branded in MIC 101. Your Inoculating Loop should be either in its wooden Stand or in your Hand. ___________________________________________________________________ “I don't know what you're talking about. I am a member of the Imperial Senate on a diplomatic mission to Alderaan...” ‘You are part of the Rebel Alliance and a traitor! Take her away!’ © 1977 LucasFilm Ltd.
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Lab 1 Page 6 Streaking a Plate (Atlas Fourth Edition, Pages 5 and 6) There are three (3) Goals to keep in Mind while streaking a Plate: 1. You want to transfer these Bacteria from one Petri Plate to another Petri Plate 2. You want to keep these Bacteria from getting out of either of these Petri Plates and contaminating the Lab. 3. You want to keep all the other Bacteria in the Lab from getting into either of these Petri Plates and contaminating these Bacteria. Achieving these Goals requires both good Sterile Technique and good Aseptic Technique (See Background) Streaking a Plate is like tying your Shoes or driving a Stick-Shift. It ʼ s a whole lot easier to do than it is to explain. So don ʼ t be too Intimidated by the convoluted Descriptions in the Steps Below. Just watch your TA ʼ s Demo closely. Materials (per Clan): • Patient Skin Swab Plate (containing either Micrococcus luteus or Staphylococcus epidermidis ), Lid-Side down. • Patient Rectal Swab Plate (containing either Enterobacter aerogenes or Escherichia Coli [E. coli ]), Lid-Side down. • 4 Yeast Glucose Calcium Carbonate (YGC) Plates (Red Stripe) • 4 Nutrient Agar Plates (Black Stripe) • 4 Eosin Methylene Blue (EMB) Plates (Burgundy Plates) • Inoculating Loops • Bunsen Burners Procedure (Full Description [Readers’ Digest Condensed Version on Page 9]): 1. If you haven’t already done so, liberally spray your Lab Bench with Bacdown (write your Name). Wipe the Disinfectant around well to ensure even Coverage. Let it evaporate.
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3 Insert your Inoculating Loop into the Top of the Darker...

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