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Bernstein west side story shakespeares modern romeo

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bernstein - West side story (shakespeares modern romeo and julie) sondheim - Philip Glass - 20th century - Glassworks Joplin - Jazz French horn, trombone and trumpet are examples of brass instruments. The bassoon, saxophone, and the English horn, the oboe and the flute - Woodwind Zoltan Kodaly - Folk music - Hungary Philip Sousa - composed and popularized Marches. The Washington Post March, The Liberty bell. Known as the March King. Stravinsky - 20th century styles - Gillapie - Composer and Performer of Jazz music. Debussy - experimented with musical impressionism- La Mer 20th century Schonberg - Pierrot Lunaire- song cycle of soprano and 5 instrumentalists 20th century - 12 tone method Music Learning theory Suzuki - Rote Learning Gordon - Audiation (mentally hearing and comprehending music) Orff - rhythm ? Dalcroze - Eurhythmics (learning and experiencing music through movement) Carabo-cone method - sensory motor approach (through touch) Wozzeck - 12 tone opera by Allan Berg Three Penny Opera - Bertolt Brecht (epic drama) Charlie Parker - Jazz saxophonist - named bird John Coltrane - Jazz Tenor Saxophonist famous for 'Giant Steps' Aaron copland and Agnes de Mille - Rodeo Ionian - It usually has a base and the shaft is often fluted (it has grooves carved up its length). On the top is a capital in the characteristic shape of a scroll, called a volute, or scroll, at the four corners. Niccolo Paganini -Legendary Italian violinist revived the practice of scordatura. (ROMANTIC) Berlioz - debuted Symphonie fantastique in 1830, and later composed Romeo and Juliet and Benvenuto Cellini. composed the operas The Damnation of Faustand The Trojans, both of which are considered masterpieces today.(romantic) Strauss - romantic style that shows in Don Juan (1888) and Death and Transfiguration (1889). Salome
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Know that Gertrude Stein wrote the Autobiography of Alice B. Toklas. Know which religious books relate to which religion (Torah - Jews, Qur'an - Islam, etc.) Know that Wagner is associated with the leitmotif. Know about Commedia dell'arte - what they do Know that Macbeth 'sold his soul' for personal/political gain Know that Hamlet dealt with betrayals on many levels Know that Ibsen wrote about strong women of his time Know that there was a White Rabbit in Alice in Wonderland Know that Baryshnikov was a dancer Know that Mercury is a statues with a winged Helmet and Shoes. Know Venus was the goddess of Love. Know who wrote the color purple -- Alice Walker Know that George Sand was a female writer with a male name Know that Christopher Wren designed St. Paul's Cathedral after the original burnt in the 1666 fire. Know Brass and woodwind instruments Know the aristotle thought tragedy was the rise of the hero then the hero's eventual fall from the rise. Michelangelo painted the Sistine Chapel. Bunyan wrote Pilgrim's Progress. Aristophanes wrote Lysistrata.
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bernstein West side story shakespeares modern romeo and...

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