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N ffifos ts new skin ces are made this way zol

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n, ffif*Os tS . New skin ce,s are made this way. zol flltio5 iI rhis type of ceil division ailows you to sexuaily reproduce. zt I fl/l ifu5 f 5 This type of cell division allows vour body to grow' 22) IT[{f0 (i] crossing over occurs during this process' ry {Wilfrt This process happens in the ovaries & testes of the human bodv' zql w{Ifrt This process is cared ,,chromosome reduction" because it reduces 'tfre numner of chromosomes by one half' 2q ff\fi'\il f Two new cells are made from the original parent cell' ,al tlil'tf iS This makes cells that are identical copies of the parent cell' ,rrWThis process occurs in an egg after it has been fertilized' so it may zal frLiosis rhis makes ceils harf the number of chromosomes compared to the parent cell. This helps increase genetic variation/diversity within a population'
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r the followinq statement bv fillins in the blanks: 30)lf the body cell of a cow contains 40 chromosomes (20 pairs), then the diploid number is tt0 t- cr l,u \ *i't,'t {:+ ?'r'+ \v\\i) 31)The gametes would contain J0 chromosomes, because their haploid number is Ml€ of the diploid number. 32)When a body cell of a cow doubles its chromosome number (during DNA replication) before meiosis, it contains E0 chromosomes. 33)Cells produced after the '1't division of meiosis contain +0 chromosomes. 35)Finally, cells produced after the 2nd division of meiosis would contain ,O chromosomes. 34)The DNA does f.f Of RtPht aK before the 2nd cell division of meiosis. process called 36)The final cells of meiosis are h4Plo i d cells, calle d Cldvw{<*es or sex cells. 37)When cows sexually reproduce, the male gamete combines with the female gamete in a 38)The grew cell is called a Z$ 00t0 , and is back to being a c[tptuf8 cell with t ' .l O chromosomes. [Y\ei oli 5 :f (L fr\'aiol' r .[ O.rc{e, r' pfrales '1-t^-t D{ Lu r-r-<_et /\ \ !-.- ,. .'r1t!'., \ \"''s,Yr ,l \,/ @ '4J;{ %a %-4hrrA oporyt*J'
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n ffifOs tS New skin ces are made this way zol flltio5 iI...

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