The above information was based on facts found on the

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The above information was based on facts found on the following websites as well as personal knowledge. www.unitedheroes.com www.wikipedia.com www.jewishjournal.com www.msnbc.com The courageous historical figure I have chosen to write about is Jeremy Glick. Jeremy was 31 years old, husband to long time love Lyzbeth and father to a baby girl named Emerson. He was also a passenger on United Airlines Flight 93, on September 11, 2001. Out of four planes that were hijacked that day, only one did not reach the specified target. Due in part to Jeremy, this was the one. Although Jeremy was not the only hero that day, I chose him because even now all these years later, his name still stands out in my head. Returning home from a business trip
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Jeremy found himself on a hijacked plane and knew he had to do something. He began to gather other passengers to revolt against the hijackers in an attempt to back the plane. While planning he contacted his wife by air phone to inform her of what was happening. He told her about the hijacking and that he and three other passengers (Reported to be Mark Bingham, Todd Bearner and Tom Burnett.) were going to rush the hijackers to try and stop them. It was not until he called her that he and the others learned of the planes crashing into the Twin Towers and the Pentagon. Jeremy knew at this point it was a suicide mission for the hijackers. They had to do something, and they had to do it fast. Still on the phone with his wife he said his last goodbyes and asked her to live a good life and to take care of their daughter. Even while facing his emanate demise he was making jokes about having butter knife left over from breakfast to use as a weapon. In that
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The above information was based on facts found on the...

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