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Who moved my cheese Bobbie Briggs

I stopped my whining and started researching and

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still attend a Big Ten school. I stopped my whining and started researching and visiting the University of Wisconsin and my attitude completely changed. I am so happy that I didn’t allow my stubbornness and self pity to get in the way of the experience I am having here. I realize now that this “cheese” is much better than the stuff I “ate” and wallowed in at the beginning. Experiencing that change has taught me that I should look at change as an opportunity for better and not always a negative thing. My family and peers definitely see this change in my attitude. I believe if they heard “Who Moved My Cheese” they would agree that Haw and I have had similar reactions. Specifically, when I work in groups I have a positive attitude that encourages the group to be positive and I also work hard to reach goals even if we have to change plans to get there. However, like Haw, I’m still trying to work on myself. I have a tendency to worry about little things from time to time and take on too much unnecessary pressure when working with others. I continue to remind myself that my team is there to help and take on some of the load as well. Overall, this book was very thought provoking and it has allowed me to view myself in a different light. I have to follow my cheese and not be afraid to change with it; it might just lead me to something better.
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