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Soggy winter its unpredictable and what it does is

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-one thing that does affect is the “El nino” phenomena where you get a lot of rain. Soggy winter. Its unpredictable and what it does is provide circumstance of unusual warm temperature and a lot of rain. It can cause a lot of coastal damage like erosions and mud slides. The fishing patterns get messed up and get fishes that dye and screws everything off. This is in contrast to the Nile where it would rise and fall every year where it was sort of predictable and the ruler was able to fix all these problems. The nile doesn’t sound so bad compared to the “el nino.” -these are much more catastrophic and sense of anxiety is a generation anxiety and a source of real fear and that no leader can overcome this. The whole place gets wiped out. Part of a mind set of these coastal folks. -story of these Peruvian Andes are like incubators of social complexities. They are trying out a little bit of agriculture intensification and trying out farming and fishing and once these become successful. Then it elbows out people in the valley by warfare. -we can see groups don’t need agriculture and crops to have sophicated cultural traditions. Has mound building before the development of agriculture, pottery or weaving. -pre-ceramic or a-ceramic time: society that is present in archaeology that is documented before pottery. -we shouldn’t think pottery is the only thing that makes cultural society but archaeologists are fixated on pottery. -get fibers, ropes, nets, twines aka soft technology to fish in the coastal zones before we get
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Soggy winter Its unpredictable and what it does is provide...

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