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Remote Sensing - a tool for environmental observation

Jenssen j.r 2000 remote sensing of the environment

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Unformatted text preview: Jenssen J.R., 2000, Remote Sensing of the Environment. Prentic Hall Int. London, 544pp. Kaufman Y.J., 1989, The Atmospheric Effect on Remote sensing and its Correction. In: G. Asrar (Ed.), Theory and Applications of Optical Remote sensing. Wiley & Sons, New York, pp.336-428. Kaufman Y.J. & C. Sendra, 1988, Algorithm for Automatic Atmospheric Corrections to Visible and Near-Infrared Satellite Imagery. Int. Journal of Remote Sensing 9, pp. 1357-1381. Kauth R.J. & G.S. Thomas, 1976, The Tasseled Cap, a Graphic Description of the Spectral- temporal Development of Agricultural Crops as Seen by Landsat. Proc. Symp. Machine Processing of Remotely Sensed Data. Purdue University, West Lafayette, Indiana, pp.41-51. Kloosterman E.H., H.T.C. van Stokkom & R.W.L. Jordans, 1991, Bruikbaarheid van de CAESAR-scanner voor Operationele Vegetatiekartering. BCRS-rapport 91-39, Delft. Kenizys F.X. et al., 1988, User’s Guide to LOWTRAN7, AFGL-TR-88-0177, Environmental Research Paper No. 1010, Airforce Geophysics Laboratory, Hanscom AFB, Massachusetts. Kruse F.A., Kierein-Young K.S. & Boardman J.W., 1990, Mineral Mapping at Cuprite, Nevada with a 63-Channel Imaging Spectrometer. Photogrammetric Engineering & Remote Sensing, Vol.56, pp. 83-92. Mas J.F., 1999, Monitoring Land Cover Changes: a Comparison of Change Detection Techniques. International journal of Remote Sensing 20, pp. 139-152. LANDSAT (2003). " USGS Landsat Project ." WWW document, http://landsat7.usgs.gov accessed 03/12/2003 Lillesand T.M. & R.W. Kiefer, 1994, Remote Sensing and Image Interpretation. Wiley, New York. 747 pp. Markham B.L. & J.L. Baker, 1986, EOSAT Landsat Technical Notes No.1. EOSAT, Lanham, 114 Maryland, pp.1-8. Markham, B.L. & J.L. Baker, 1985, Spectral Characterization of the Landsat Thematic Mapper Sensors. International Journal of Remote Sensing, Vol.6, pp.697-716. Menenti M., 1993, Contribution of Remote Sensing to the Management of Water in Arid Areas. In: H.J. Buiten & J.G.P.W. Clevers (Eds.), Land Observation by Remote Sensing: Theory and Applications Pudoc, Wageningen, pp.385-401. Menenti M., 1980, Physical Aspects and Determination of Evaporation in Deserts Applying Remote Sensing Techniques. PhD-thesis & Report 10 DLO Staring Centrum, Wageningen. MODIS, 2003, Moderate Resolution Imaging Spectroradiometer. http://modis.gsfc.nasa.gov/ , accessed on 01/05/2005. Moen J.P., F.J.M. van der Wel, J.T. de Smidt, L.L. Vels & D.J. Harms, 1991, Monitoring van Heidevergrassing met behulp van Remote Sensing en een Geografisch Informatiesysteem (HEIMON). BCRS rapport 91-12, Delft. Mulders M.A., 1987, Remote Sensing in Soil Science. Developments in Soil Science 15. Elsevier, Amsterdam, 379 pp. Nieuwenhuis G.J.A., 1993, Agrohydrological Applications of Remote Sensing. In: H.J. Buiten & J.G.P.W. Clevers (Eds.), Land Observation by Remote Sensing: Theory and Applications Pudoc, Wageningen, pp.373-384. Nieuwenhuis G.J.A., E.H. Smidt & H.A.M. Thunissen, 1985, Estimation of Regional Evapotranspiration of Arable Crops from Thermal Infrared Images. International Journal of Remote Sensing 6, pp.1319-1334....
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Jenssen J.R 2000 Remote Sensing of the Environment Prentic...

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