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%Your name and the last four digits of your student ID (e.g., John Smith, 5872) %Your discussion section number and time (e.g., Section B09, Tues. 9-10) Note: Don't use the command window to write the script and the diary command to save it. Instead, write the script using a text editor (e.g., the built-in Matlab editor or another text editor) and save it as instructed below. Save your script in a file named xxx2_1.m, where the xxx are your first, middle and last initials in lowercase letters. If you don't have a middle initial, just use your first and last initials. If your name is hyphenated, use your first initial and your two last initials, but without the hypen. For example, if your name was Daniel Xavier Smith, the filename would be dxs2_1.m. If your name was Danielle Cleopatra Smith-Jones, the filename would be dsj2_1.m. If your name was Cleopatra Smith (no middle name), the filename would be cs2_1.m. To submit your script file, see the instructions at the end.
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