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S c diagram somewhat re presents a sc however the

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S C diagram somewhat re presents a SC however the discussion does not ref lect true understanding. The section ref lects somewhat an understanding of the company under investigation . However, the information was not well composed in writing and lack s flow. Factual information was presented but ex planation , interpretation and relevan ce of the information presented is questionable. The industry , product offerings and role of the company within the industry is briefly discussed. SC diagram ref lects a compr ehensiv e SC , however links and nodes are not properly presented and discussed. The section ref lects a good understanding of the company , the industry in which it operates and the role it plays wi thin the industry . The main points are discussed, and relevant and factua l information is provided making the assignment flow we ll. S C diagram reflects a compre hensive a SC, links and nodes are properly presented . A discussion of the diagram highlighting important links is presented. The section ref lects an excellent understanding of the co mpany, its industry , its role , pr o duct categories and a ll main key areas. The section is well presented with factual and relevant information . It is evident that the students took time to process information from the interview and write it out in a manner t hat shows deep analysis of the firm . S C diagram reflects a compre hensive understanding of the firm s SC with all links and nodes properly presented. Concise di scu ssion follows and an analysis of the SC. Section reflects a deep understanding of the firm and its SC /2 5 Insight No real analysis was made, nor no effort to fully report the A basic analysis of the company with A complete analysis of the topic was done A thorough analysis of t he topic is sh own In depth analysis of the topic is shown . /4 0
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