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HC 260 Syllabus Legal Issues in Hlth Care Deliv

Electronic computers will not be allowed on final

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Unformatted text preview: Electronic Computers will not be allowed on final exams unless an exception is made by the Dean of the School of Business. Late Submission of Course Materials: Submission of Late Work: When an online classroom assignment is due at 12:00, 12:01 is late. Generally, late work will receive a 70 for the first day, 50 for the second day late, and 0 after that. Extensions are available for very extenuating circumstances (If you are hospitalized or are deploying to and will not be near a computer for the entire week). Mid-Term: You must contact me to open the Mid-Term for you if you are late as it will close at midnight in the Central Time Zone. What is late? 12:01 in the Central Time Zone on Sunday night of week 4 is considered too late to take the exam. You can only take the Mid-Term late with my permission. Without an excuse that I approve of (hospitalization, for example), you will receive no higher than a C if you take it 1 day late and no higher than a 50% if you take it 2 days late. You cannot take the Mid-Term late after Tuesday of Week 5 unless you have an excuse. For the paper that is due in week 7, papers that are one day late will receive a grade no higher than a B; papers that are late by two days will receive no grade higher than a C, past 2 days late will receive a 0. What does late mean? If your assignment is due by midnight and the time is 12:01, it is late. Final Exam: You can't take the Final Exam late without instructor permission. I rarely give permission to take it late; however, hospitalization or deployment to Iraq during exam week are excellent reasons to take the final late. Classroom Rules of Conduct: This course is offered on-line, over the Internet, using the ECollege computer service. Each student is expected to devote a minimum of five hours per class week logged on to the computer conferencing system . This is same amount of time you'd spend in the physical classroom. See "Ground Rules for On-line Participation" for additional information. According to Park University guidelines, this course is divided into eight weeks with the first week beginning on the first day of the semester, a Monday, and ends midnight the following Sunday. Weeks Two through Eight also begin on Monday and end on the following Sunday. All work and formal papers should be completed and successfully emailed so that they are in by the due date. Ground Rules for On-line Participation 1. Students should use E-Mail for private messages to the instructor and other students. The Class Conference is for public messages. 2. Students are expected to complete 5 hours per week of conferencing or other appropriate online activities, including sending/receiving E-mail and navigating and conducting research over the World Wide Web....
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Electronic Computers will not be allowed on final exams...

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