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Diagnostic statistical manual of all diseases good

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Diagnostic statistical manual of all diseases, good data for doctors and sociologists o Anorexia nervosa does not exist ever where—more prevalent in industrial countries o Like in the 1970s south Koreans started liking thick girls But now that they are more industrialized and have tv that’s not censored, they like thin girls o Killing us softly—Jen Kilbourne Media effects hypothesis—people are encouraged to adopt certain kinds of behaviors, leading to outcomes like anorexia o Generalizability The extent to which research findings tell us more than statements about the groups studies The ability to derive general conclusions from particulars o Deductive research ………………. . inductive research From theory to data…………………….from data to theory Generally positivist……………………. .generally interprativist Positivist: stran of sociology that holds the social worlds can be described and predicted by certain knowable relationships Interpretivivist: holds that the social world is full of meanings, interpretations of experiences, and it can’t be studied like the natural world Generally uantitative…………………. .generally qualitative Focus groups
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Document analysis Content analysis all in a spectrum, there is a lot of overlap, very loose distinctions o Correlation v. causality o Independent variable x, and dependent variable y Change in x//change in y ^variable a, modernization and globalization of ideas Spurious relationship: misleading or false due to other factors, its only a correlation HOHHHOh it could be reverse causalityyyy Lurking variables o
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Diagnostic statistical manual of all diseases good data for...

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