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Gender Application Paper

They were all bright and cheery and the lettering

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They were all bright and cheery and the lettering that was used was very eloquent and pretty. For boys’ toys, there were dark colors like blacks, dark blues, and oranges. The lettering used was very sharp and bold and looked almost menacing. Girls’ toys also consisted of lots of dolls and stuffed animals whereas the boys’ section had muscular action figures, weapons, and building kits. These connect back to the stereotypes that girls are nurturing and feminine and that boys are macho and tough. The toys that we sell and buy for our children sort of teach them what their role in society should be. For girls, there are kitchen sets with fake dishes and food. This teaches them that they are supposed to do housework and that it should be fun. We also buy girls dolls and this teaches them that they need to be nurturing and motherly. For boys, the weapons and muscular action figures teach them that they need to be tough and violent. This isn’t surprising. Society has drilled into the two sexes that these are the way things are and to be different than society’s expectations makes you awkward and stand out in a bad way. I didn’t see anything that stood out from the stereotypes that we talked about. Society has drilled into us so deeply the difference between girls and boys that it’s hard to break from the molds that have been laid out before us since day one.
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