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Li1drrer1 rtiif j iry rurl 1lr li 4 i t d chromosomes

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h.("Li'!1'..d|rr'{er1(. rt'iif 'J i.ry r&ur'l*,}' 1lr. l'i 4 :",i t "d \/ Chromosomes r, I ,;"- t':,a; nr&dr r { D..v'&" cty-tiJ i}t t"Jt ri ,b l r \ v Chloroplast .v{ne rt- pt'roto dYn{f1{'J i B * ':: . ii ( Mitochondria ,;1 7., , i"c'.'t i.i 't -- -ia-x,S'{-i r'f1 Frg,St}(*TS-, Ltvdirr-.'i 4t':ai*, irr}..-,r' ;i*1il ie}a{,,.'if1' 9nP<ar Ji Y (rP\\- / \ I /acuole -\er-,p,verv1 Sa{:e&.tif sl'*{r fli' {'\t tf\fltr,{*+50 -Sr*.*i {41} kE} }'B1.riri}3t{ } t \l Cytoplasm CentralVacuole .,.rrr ..'.' \or {\el r t1 f)lt-', tr d ,. .',r..\, r. a{}6q}8: tri:.,.<. u,ii,irri, . : f .., L[r:,*lr{r,t'i$ rr'l f,i} / Ribosomes Ivlc\d{ b\ Ntc\(o lw5 . aV.i'ori+rin1 kom crrrrr;lL e^c'rds rca+tir<d ilr a*11oso\ , or o..(*atvred lo endopl<,cYnic, rekru\v^ '/ \i List 3 ways that plant cells are different from animal cells .l I ell mratl b) {t1lrr*ftbi*\eJ .r tr rrtyr",r\ !#c'or,lf L"i I lr sr*t s\i'! tz,rlt,r iCifI Lh\orPPis(r
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