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HK Company Law_Simplified Chinese English

C 从从从从从从从 audit fee

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Unformatted text preview: c. 从从从从从从从 Audit fee 从从从从从从从从从从 , 从从从从从从从从从从从从从从从从从从从从从从 Minimum several thousand dollars per year. Accounts of limited companies must be audited by independent outside CPAs every year. d. 从从从从从从从从从从从从从从从从 Litigation Fees and Compulsory Legal Representation 13 从从从从从从从从从Small Claims Tribunal ($1-$50,000)( 从从从从从从从从从从从从从从从从从 This court does not permit HK practising lawyers to represent client in court)) 从从从从从 District Court ($50,001-$1,000,000) 从从从从从 Court of First Instance (> $1,000,000 ) 从从从从从从 公公公公公 从从从从从从从从从从从从从从从从从从从 公公公公公公 公公公 从从 公公公公公公公公公 , 公公 从从从从从从从从从从从从从从从从从从从从从从从从从从从从从从从从从从从 , 从从从从从从从从从 从从从从从从从 According to the Rules of Court of the High Court and the District Court, when a company is involved in contentious proceedings, it must have legal representation, except with leave of court. It cannot be represented by just one of its officers. Note: HK practising lawyer is NOT allowed to represent a client in the Small Claims Tribunal. 10.香香香香 (从从从从从从从从从从从从从) unlimited liability is born by the company itself for its debts a.从从从从从 Board Meeting (从从从从从从从从从从从从从从从从从从) directors are responsible for company losses directly caused by their negligence i.从从从从从从从从从从从从从 Resolutions at board meetings are passed by majority votes (1) 从从从从从从从从从从从从从从从从从从从从从从从从 No prescribed minimum notice period (only need sufficient notice) (2)从从从从从 1*从从从从从 Minimum one director, no maximum *since 13.2.2004 b.从从从从 shareholders/general meeting (从从从从从从从从) shareholders enjoy limited liability 从从从从从从从从从从There are 2 types of resolutions at shareholders’ meetings i.从 公公公公公 从从从 公公 从从:从从从从从从<从从从从>从从从从从,从从 14 从从 从, 从从从从从从从Ordinary Resolution (undefined in Co Ord) Requires a majority vote from attending shareholders. Need a minimum of 14 days’ notice. Short of this notice the meeting is void. (s.114) ii.从 公公公公公 75%从从 公公 从从从从从从从从从 Special Resolution (从从 21 从从 从, , 从从从从从从从) 从从从从从从<从从从从>从 116 从 Requires at least 75% votes from attending shareholders. Need a minimum of 21 days’ notice. Short of this notice the meeting is void. (s.114) iii.从从从 95%从从从从从从从从从从从从 21 从从 14 从从从从从从从从从 (s.114(3))从If shareholders with 95% of issued shares agree, the 14 or 21 day notice period may be waived and the meeting can he held at once....
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c 从从从从从从从 Audit fee...

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