Sigmet services provided by imd is published in para

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SIGMET services provided by IMD is published in Para 4.6 and Para 8 of this subsection. Following details are included:
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__________________________________________________________________________________________ January, 2006 4 - 9 Airports Authority of India Manual of Aeronautical information services 1) name of the meteorological watch office, ICAO location indicator; 2) hours of service; 3) flight information region(s) or control area(s) served; 4) types of SIGMET information issued and validity periods; 5) specific procedures applied to SIGMET information (e.g. for volcanic ash and tropical cyclones); 6) the air traffic services unit(s) provided with SIGMET; 7) additional information (e.g. concerning any limitation of service, etc.). GEN 3.5.9 Other automated meteorological services Automated pre-flight met information is partially available at Chennai. GEN 3.6 Search and rescue GEN 3.6.1 Responsible service(s) The aeronautical search and rescue (SAR) service is organized by AAI in accordance with ICAO Annex 12 – Search & Rescue and International Aeronautical And Maritime Search And Rescue (IAMSAR) Manual – Doc 9731 with the assistance of the Ministry of Defense and other agencies, which have the responsibility for making the necessary facilities available. While Coast Guard is responsible to organize Search And Rescue within Maritime Search & Rescue regions. Complete postal and telegraphic address of Airports Authority of India is given in GEN 1.1. Differences, if any, with the above quoted ICAO documents are listed at GEN 1.7. GEN 3.6.2 Area of responsibility AAI is responsible for coordination with the agencies responsible for organising SAR services within aeronautical SRR for aircraft in distress. While Coast Guard is responsible for organizing SAR services within maritime SRR for aircraft, ships, vessels and fishing boats. AAI RCC shall inform Coast Guard MRCC in case of aircraft in distress for information and assistance. GEN 3.6.3 Types of service A brief description of types of services and facilities provided including details of rescue coordination centers is given on pages GEN 3.6-2 to GEN 3.6-7. Satellite Aided Search & Rescue India is a participant in the COSPAS/SARSAT system through Indian Space Research Organization, Bangalore. Under Satellite aided search & rescue programme, two Local User Terminals (LUT) have been established at Bangalore and Lucknow, respectively. The Mission Control Center (MCC) is located at Bangalore and is connected with the RCCs at Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata and Chennai through AFS network. GEN 3.6.4 SAR agreements At present, India has no SAR agreement with other countries. GEN 3.6.5 Conditions of availability Requests for the entry of aircraft, equipment and personnel from other States to engage in search for aircraft in Distress and rescue survivors of crashed aircraft should be transmitted to the Director General of Civil Aviation. Instructions as to the control which will be exercised on entry of such aircraft and/ or personnel will be given by the Rescue Coordination Centre of the relevant FIR. The postal and telegraphic address of Director
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